Google Classroom Training

  • Monroe County teachers have received a direct invitation to their district email inbox to activate Google Classroom. Once you receive this message and have accepted this invitation, click on the link above, sign-in and begin using/setting up your Google Classroom (courses). If you already have your Classroom and courses set up then you will ignore this email invitation.

  • Teachers MUST use their @MCSD.US Google account to use the district's Google Classroom system. Students MUST also use their district assigned Google user account.

  • If you are new to Google Classroom and have never used this online student/teacher collaborative tool, please review these videos and Google help sites to set up your courses in Google Classroom.

Google’s Teacher Center is a free, interactive online platform with a curriculum developed by educators for educators. Whether your staff is savvy with classroom technology or just getting started, they’ll find courses that expand learning at any level, including video tutorials and multiple certifications to demonstrate mastery of Google tools. The Teacher Center is the go-to spot for educator resources and professional development.

Download the Classroom app on your iPhone, iPad, Chromebook or Android device